BASE Miner NFT Collection

BASE Miner NFT Collection

Discover The BASE Miner NFT Collection, Your Key To Infinite Rewards.

Embark on a journey that fuses art and technology, where owning one of the 672 limited BASE Miner NFTs grant you the exclusive right to mine BASE tokens – the heartbeat LBUN project driving Luna Classic burns and utility. As a collector, you become a true pioneer, harnessing the power of blockchain for both aesthetic appreciation and financial gain. Seize your chance to secure a piece of this groundbreaking collection and watch as your ownership transforms into a stream of BASE token mining rewards.

  • This mining project’s goals are to raise money to support the LBUN Project’s operations. This is meant to be a fun experience (like a game).

  • LUCK (Odds), Blocks/day and Earnings/day are estimates based on probabilities. In reality, results can (and most likely) be drastically different.

  • A LUNC price of 0.00006 was used to calculate the USD prices in the chart. Actual prices will adjusted using the current price of LUNC.

  • There will be one winner per hour, for a total of 8640 prizes in 365 days. There are 672 NFTs, but some may win more than others.

  • The rewards and process for claiming are different than the BASE hardware mining effort.

    • This is a separate mining effort from the hardware miners. Hardware mining is Permissioned while NFT mining is Permissionless.

    • The hardware miners use POW to generate BASE. NFTs miners participate in a lottery to win blocks. No BASE is generated with NFT miners.

    • Miners will have 24 hours to claim rewards. After that time, those rewards will be diverted to support the LBUN Project.

    • NFTs transition to regular (non-mining) NFTs after 8640 winners have been selected. At that point, rewards will be paid from another source.

    • A new mining collection is planned to launch for the 2nd year of mining (Pricing, odds, rewards and quantity may be different).

    • There are absolutely no guarantees made on profitability for this mining project. You may lose a part (or all) of your investment.

    • We reserve the right to make changes to the NFT mining in order to prevent or remediate any hacks or scams that threaten our NFT owners.

    • Read the whitepaper (addendum to BASE whitepaper) for more detailed information specific to the NFT mining process.

    • Rewards will be paid in BASE (or another CW20 Token) that can be converted to LUNC. This is to reduce fees paid.

    • Since there is no connection between the hardware miners and the NFTs. You may participate in both at the same time.

    • Winners will be selected by utilizing three hashes as seed values. Block hashes will be obtained from the blockchain at the time of selection.

  • The reward amount stated here are estimates that assume all NFTs will sell at the specified price. The reward will be less if not all NFTs are sold.

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