LandRush 2024

This new project will soon emerge from the LbunProject kitchen.

Project “Land Rush 2024”: Investing in Land through NFTs


Land Rush 2024 is an innovative project that combines blockchain technology with real estate investment, allowing investors to acquire land through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This initiative aims to democratize land ownership, offering owners multiple potential uses for their parcels.

Project Phases

  1. Land Rush Token Minting
  • Initial Tokens: Land Rush Tokens will be issued across multiple blockchains as bidding instruments for Acre NFTs.
  • Pricing and Bonding Curve: Tokens will start at $2 and follow a linear bonding curve, reaching $10 per token when 6 million tokens are outstanding.
  • Funding Goal: Sales must reach $500,000 before Acre NFTs are minted.
  1. Minting and Auctioning of Acre NFTs
  • Whole Acre NFTs: Represent one acre of undeveloped land. NFTs will be numbered, with the mint order determining the preference for converting them to specific Land NFTs.
  • Fractionalized Acre NFTs: A portion of Acre NFTs will be available for fractional purchase at the current market rate, approximately $8000 per acre.
  1. Land Purchase
  • Capital Conversion: Funds from Acre NFT sales will be converted to fiat to purchase land in the rural mountains of West Virginia.
  • Irrevocable Trust: Acquired land will be assigned to a 1000-year irrevocable trust, managed by a law firm.
  1. Converting Acre NFTs to Land NFTs
  • Plot Selection: Acre NFT holders can choose their land plots based on the mint order of their NFTs.
  • Conversion Process: This will last for one week or until all Acre NFTs are converted to Land NFTs, whichever comes first.

Tokenization and Economics

  • Bonding Curve: Collateral will be removed from the bottom portion of the curve to prevent a price crash.
  • Token Trading: Land Rush Tokens can be bought and sold during and after the initial process, and used for future Acre NFT offerings.

Rights and Governance

  • Right of Ways: Owners will have access to their plots through the borders of other parcels if needed.
  • Governance Structure: Land NFT holders can elect three liaisons for two-year terms to assist with permit management and dispute resolution.
  • DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization): Will manage internal disputes and governance decisions, with a two-thirds majority voting system.

Scalability and Foreign Ownership

  • Land Value: The estimated total value of land on Earth exceeds $100 trillion, ensuring ample supply for future expansions.
  • Foreign Ownership: There are no known legal restrictions in West Virginia against foreign land ownership.


Land Rush 2024 offers a unique opportunity to invest in real estate through tokenization, providing flexibility, transparency, and a pioneering approach to land ownership. Interested investors should consider the risks and potential benefits of this innovative project.


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