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Accelerated LUNC Burning Via Community Based Token Bonding Curve .

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BASE is our token created on a bonding curve, totally reliable and helps remove LUNC from circulation.



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Why choose our
Base Token

LUNC Burning

Each BASE transaction burns 0.5% via the chain-tax, and also collects another 0.6% usable for monthly LUNC burns.

Staking Protocol

LUNC used to buy BASE is pooled into a validator to generate a higher APY for all. Up to 3X the traditional staking APY.

POW Mining

BASE tokens are mined on a side-chain and then transferred to Terra Classic. Miners earn BASE for each block found.

Superior AMM

Our DEX utilizes cutting-edge algorithms for efficient and transparent swaps. We offer the lowest slip trades available.

Guaranteed Liquidity

Never get stuck with a useless token. You can swap back to LUNC from BASE instantly at any time.

Affiliate Program

Earn 5% in LUNC (paid immediately) when your personal affiliate link is used to buy BASE. Links are free, just visit the dApp.

Who we are

Why should you choose BASE for your LUNC burning contributions?

The BASE project seeks to return the power to the LUNC community. No more begging Centralized Exchanges to implement or sustain the burn tax.

The BASE Project has three simple goals:
1. Raise funds to facilitate utility expansion on Terra Classic
2. Accelerate the burning of LUNC to increase value
3. Reward supporters of the BASE project (via Staking rewards)

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Read Luna Classic Burn Project Documents

  • White Paper
  • Mining
  • Stake
  • Bonding Curve
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OUr Roadmap

Base Strategy and
Project Plan

Mid of Q1 2021

launched on the SOLANA ✅

First TBC token (Token Bonding Curve) launched on the SOLANA chain
Mid of Q2 2021

Tests in SOLANA Chain ✅

We can observe, analyze and internally draw our first conclusions about the application of the Token Bonding Curve (TBC) thanks to our tests in SOLANA
Mid of Q3 2021

LBUN PROJECT is officially Born ✅

After initial tests on the SOLANA chain, release a “white a paper” and launches its token (TBC) on the TERRA2 chain
Mid of Q4 2021

Releasing of the “white paper” ✅

Releasing of the “white paper” of BASE, the expected TBC token for the LUNC chain, also token launch date announced
Mid of Q1 2022

Search for Miners ✅

Search and location of miners to make the BASE token have a Pow mining structure and comply with the requirements and regulations of the SEC
Mid of Q2 2022

Guides and Protocols for Miners✅

The necessary guides and protocols are developed and provided to miners so that they.
Mid of Q3 2022

BASE launch ✅

And finally it was time for the BASE Open Launch.
Mid of Q4 2022

Community ✅

Telegram groups are established, the main one + a group to assist miners + groups in other languages, Spanish, Portuguese.
Mid of Q1 2023

1 Billion LUNC blocked ✅

The milestone of 1 Billion LUNC blocked thanks to the TBC is achieved for the first time
Mid of Q2 2023

LBUN_Project validator ✅

We open our own validator: LBUN_Project validator
Mid of Q3 2023

Currently in development

P2P smart contract ✅NFT collection ✅
Mid of Q4 2023

LbunProject and Garuda 🤝

Started collaboration with Garuda Universe
  • Flex: 0.60%
  • Yield: 1.80%
  • Social: 1.20%
  • Expense: 1.20%


The Buy/Sell Tax (4.8%) is split into 4 parts to meet the project’s goals. The “Yield” portion will be used to provide a stream of income to supporters. The “Burn” portion will be used to burn LUNC in accordance with the community’s wishes. The “Social” & “Expense” amounts are to be used to support communication, hardware and software requirements.

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POW blockchain

The SEC has stated that proof-of-work (POW) coins/tokens (such as Bitcoin) are a commodity and therefore are outside the SEC's jurisdiction. However, proof-of-stake (PoS) could be classified as "investment contracts" subject to securities laws. This would entail extensive disclosure requirements and adherence to consumer protection regulations.

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Staking LUNC

LUNC staking provides a passive income stream by pooling tokens from supporters, staking them, and reinvesting the funds into the token bonding curve to raise the BASE token price. The APY is based on the LUNC reserve within the TBC and BASE supply.

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Our team

The Leadership


Lead Developer


Project Manager


Vulnerability Researcher

Juan E. Capilla

Telegram Admin


Public Relations


Graphic Design
Our top partner
.. Friends ..

Our Validator Friends

Although LBUN Project has its own validator, this is a team game, and we would be stuck and not moving in any direction if we did not have our dear friends helping us all rowing in the same direction. From LBUN Project we wish the best of destinations to those who support us because are the ones who make us move forward, for this reason we urge the entire community to also take our friends into account when delegating

LVS Node

- Go to Validator
- Affiliate link
- X/Twitter handle: @LVSNode
- X/Twitter link

Battle Force Validator

- Go to Validator
- Affiliate link
- X/Twitter handle: @BattleForceLunc
- X/Twitter link


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