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Validator Friends of LbunProject

Although LBUN Project has its own validator, this is a team game, and we wouldn't accomplish much without our community working with us. From LBUN Project we wish success to those who support us because we are stronger together, for this reason we urge the entire community to consider allocating a portion of your delegations to our friends when making your staking decisions.

Would you like to be a “Friend Validator” of the LBUN Project?
These are the conditions to be able to enter this program:

1.We provide you with a referral code, to get your
code simply access this link.
1.2 All BASE purchases made through that code will automatically grant you a 5% cashback in LUNC to your address.


2. The validator must commit to using a minimum of 25% of their validation commissions to purchase BASE. BASE purchases can be daily, weekly or monthly but must have a ***regular recurrence.
2.1The commitment to acquire a minimum of BASE is a verbal and informal agreement and helps us to ensure that there is a degree of reciprocity and roots between both parties. We are flexible with this condition but in the case of stopping acquiring BASE for a prolonged period of time or make purchases much lower than the established 25% without any type of communication to us clarifying the reason, we will be forced to remove that validator from the “Friend Validators” program.
3. You will be considered a “Friend Validator” and your logo, your referral link and your validator’s information will be included on our website, thus becoming one of our reference validators on our website and community.
4. The amount of LUNC used to buy BASE through your referral code will be used to delegate to your validator, that is, if you or someone buys BASE through your code and uses 1,000,000 LUNC, we will validate 1,000,000 LUNC with you (less fees and taxes).
5. You can make posts in our Telegram group about your BASE purchases and your validator information as a way to gain more visibility.
6. This is a way of supporting those who support us, as well as a relationship of friendship and collaboration, meaning that if we can be of help to you, we will be all ears.

LVS Node

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Battle Force Validator

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- X/Twitter handle: @BattleForceLunc
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