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Unveiling the World of LBUN NFT Mining: Details and Simulations


Welcome to the fascinating realm of LBUN Project’s NFT mining, where innovation meets unpredictability. In this post, we delve into the intricacies of the mining process and share insights gained from simulations conducted over the course of a year.

Mining NFT Details:

The 672 NFTs offered by LBUN are categorized into four distinct “Equipment” types, each further divided into one of four “Boost” levels. Notably, the scarcity of heavier equipment adds an intriguing dimension to the collection. For instance, Pick & Shovels boast 100 NFTs in each “Boost” level, while Excavators have only 4 NFTs in each “Boost” level. Unsurprisingly, the heavier the equipment, the higher the price.

The defining feature of each NFT lies in its “Boost” level, determining the Pay Multiplier. Ranging from 1x for Standard Pick & Shovel to 1.8x for Precision Control Excavators, the Pay Multiplier impacts reward pay. Interestingly, despite the Pay Multiplier, each NFT maintains an equal chance of winning. This introduces an element of randomness, enabling a 1x Pick & Shovel to potentially yield a higher profit than a 1.8x Excavator. The selection process involves a new seed each hour, chosen randomly with the Terra Classic Block hash for the last block before a winner is determined.

Explore the Collection:

Discover the entire LBUN NFT collection on BigBangX: LBUN NFT Collection

Mining NFT Simulations:

To gain insights into the long-term outcomes of NFT mining, LBUN Project conducted extensive simulation runs. One noteworthy observation is the equitable distribution of rewards across the entire NFT collection. Contrary to the notion that a more expensive NFT guarantees higher rewards, the simulations reveal a nuanced reality. The Pay Multiplier, while aiding in recovering NFT costs faster, doesn’t ensure guaranteed returns – echoing the unpredictable nature of the wider crypto landscape.

In the end, NFT owners can revel in friendly competition, driven by the randomness of winning, knowing that each contribution propels the LBUN Project closer to its overarching goals.

LBUN’s NFT mining presents a dynamic landscape where chance and innovation intersect. As miners explore the depths of this unique collection, they contribute not only to their own potential profits but also to the progress of the LBUN Project. In the ever-evolving world of crypto, embracing uncertainty can lead to unexpected rewards.

Join LBUN’s NFT mining adventure and become a part of the ever-growing LBUN Project community!


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