BASE Miner NFT Collection

Unveiling the World of LBUN NFT Mining: Details and Simulations

Introduction: Welcome to the fascinating realm of LBUN Project’s NFT mining, where innovation meets unpredictability. In this post, we delve into the intricacies of the mining process and share insights gained from simulations conducted over the course of a year. Mining NFT Details: The 672 NFTs offered by LBUN are categorized into four distinct “Equipment” […]

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Explore Our Affiliate System: Earn 5% on Buying BASE Tokens!

Would you like to maximize your earnings while investing in the BASE token? Our affiliate system offers you the opportunity to earn an additional 5% on every purchase of BASE tokens made through your unique affiliate link! How Our Affiliate System Works: Examples of Earnings: Benefits of the Affiliate Program: Join our affiliate program and […]

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Decrypting P2P: The Magic Behind Cryptocurrencies

In the world of cryptocurrencies, you’ve probably heard the term “P2P” or “Peer-to-Peer” several times. But what does it really mean and how does it transform the way we handle money and transactions? Let’s unravel the mystery! What is P2P? “P2P” stands for “Peer-to-Peer,” a decentralized network where participants interact directly with each other without […]

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P2P LbunProject

We present our P2P system to exchange $BASE New feature coming soon! ✅You can sell Base for reduced tax ✅You can buy Base for reduced price ✅You do not have to wait 21 days ✅Base does not leave the bonding curve ✅Overall Base price does not drop when selling on this market You don’t know […]

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Luna Classic Burn Project

First BASE Airdrop

Congrats to the BASE airdrop recipients!!! There was a total of 179 people signed up, but 109 wallets did not meet the minimum holdings of 1500 BASE and so were disqualified. That left 69 wallets to split 2,696,997 LUNC worth of BASE! The total BASE airdropped was 15000. 🖩50% of the BASE was airdropped according […]

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Uncovering BASE

The Token Powering Luna Classic Through PoW and the Bonding Curve Introduction:In the vast universe of cryptocurrencies, innovation never stops. One of the most exciting projects that deserves attention is “BASE”, a token that operates on the Luna Classic chain. What makes BASE unique? It combines two key elements: a Proof of Work (PoW) system […]

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