Luna Classic Burn Project

First BASE Airdrop

Congrats to the BASE airdrop recipients!!! There was a total of 179 people signed up, but 109 wallets did not meet the minimum holdings of 1500 BASE and so were disqualified. That left 69 wallets to split 2,696,997 LUNC worth of BASE! The total BASE airdropped was 15000. 🖩50% of the BASE was airdropped according […]

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Uncovering BASE

The Token Powering Luna Classic Through PoW and the Bonding Curve Introduction:In the vast universe of cryptocurrencies, innovation never stops. One of the most exciting projects that deserves attention is “BASE”, a token that operates on the Luna Classic chain. What makes BASE unique? It combines two key elements: a Proof of Work (PoW) system […]

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